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This site was created as a comprehensive resource enabling you to explore all of the elements necessary to live a healthy life. Whether you are looking for the newest evidence based research to enhance your health or if you are trying to conquer the steep learning curve of a health challenge, you will find solutions here. To enhance the experience, you can choose to enroll in one of the on-line courses, download one of the guides that expands on the concepts that are discussed or for optimal support, schedule a consultation.

True healing happens in a place of sanctuary, where you can feel safe and cared for, where you can trust the information to be well researched and evidence based in both science and energy.

Welcome to my Sanctuary on the Glen, the virtual version.

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Cynthia Henrich

“We need to rediscover what wellness really is. It is not merely the absence of disease. Wellness is moving out of survival mode into thriving mode. But how?

Medicine quantifies health as the absence of germs. This is known as germ theory, the idea that microorganisms cause illness (think Louis Pastuer and pastuerization). It would be more appropriate to say that it is the inability of the body to successfully defend itself from pathogens that causes illness.That is terrain theory.

Human biology is germ versus terrain. The terrain is your body. The germs are bacteria, yeast, viruses, protozoa, parasites, etc. When your body suffers with deficiency and toxicity, the terrain is weak and pathogens can take hold. When your body is nurtured with everything it needs to function and has clear pathways for detoxification, the terrain is strong.

Remove or reduce exposure to environmental toxins, map out the genetics of your family to understand what your challenges may be, continually strive for emotional evolution, nourish your body with clean healthy foods, herbs and water, and create a toolkit for minor repairs.

That will yield your personal highest potential. Shifting everyone into this dynamic? That will change the world.” ~ Cynthia Henrich

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