Cynthia Henrich BE CHC

create a body your soul wants to live in

“We need to rediscover what wellness really is. It is not merely the absence of disease. Wellness is moving out of survival mode into thriving mode. But how?

Medicine quantifies health as the absence of germs. This is known as germ theory, the idea that microorganisms cause illness (think Louis Pastuer and pastuerization). It would be more appropriate to say that it is the inability of the body to successfully defend itself from pathogens that causes illness.That is terrain theory.

Human biology is germ versus terrain. The terrain is your body. The germs are bacteria, yeast, viruses, protozoa, parasites, etc. When your body suffers with deficiency and toxicity, the terrain is weak and pathogens can take hold. When your body is nurtured with everything it needs to function and has clear pathways for detoxification, the terrain is strong.


Remove or reduce exposure to environmental toxins, map out the genetics of your family to understand what your challenges may be, continually strive for emotional evolution, nourish your body with clean healthy foods, herbs and water, and create a toolkit for minor repairs.


That will yield your personal highest potential. Shifting everyone into this dynamic? That will change the world.” ~ Cynthia Henrich

Having lived with ulcerative colitis for the majority of my life and vigilantly keeping watch on my health, I lived through two years of low grade fevers and anemia, and the care of a host of well-intended mainstream physicians, until I was ultimately diagnosed with colon cancer. Quite unexpected and disappointing, considering my diligence.

Driven by discontent with the inability of mainstream medicine to meet the needs of myself and my family, I embarked on re-educating myself in a holistic-integrative nutrition program. I received my training of all major dietary theories at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, certified by Columbia University, and was invited to continue through their intensive Immersion program. It is the only school teaching more than one hundred different dietary theories and a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I had the pleasure of being educated by the director, Joshua Rosenthal, as well as Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Neal Barnard, Annemarie Colbin, Mark Hyman, John Douillard, Barry Sears, Deborah Ford, etc.

Having pursued the holistic viewpoint of diet and lifestyle for many years before formally deciding to become a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, I am well practiced in the application of many healing modalities, including meditation, Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils, assessing blocked energy within the body and its impact on the ability to achieve optimal health, as well as other holistic methodologies based on individual circumstances. Additionally, I am certified in Raindrop Technique and Neuro-Auricular therapy, as well as being trained in raw foods preparation, incorporating raw foods and juicing into the healing process.

My clients are viewed as bio-individuals, meaning there is not one correct way of eating that can be applied to everyone. Specific dietary needs, lifestyle, stress levels and health challenges are all considered when working to achieve the optimal health level for a person and enable their body to heal. The implications of activating the genetic potentiality of the human body through the integrity of the digestive system are vast, so the process of healing requires that everything consumed serves the needs of the whole. While assessing deficiencies and bio-individual needs, offending substances will be eliminated from both the diet and lifestyle, foods will be consumed that detoxify and heal, and the system will begin the process of rebalancing and regenerating. Healing juices, green smoothies, healthy proteins, pure water and air will all combine to achieve an effective natural rhythm of eating and lifestyle that will ultimately be followed on a long term basis to continue to facilitate the healing process.

Additionally, I am formally trained as a Civil Engineer, having completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering at Steven’s Institute of Technology, NJ. I specialized in Geotechnical, Soils and Environmental Engineering, holding a 40 hour OSHA HAZMAT Certification and working for several years in soils investigation, foundation design, and construction.

The beauty of it all is that all of my education essentially focused on foundations. Initially, inanimate structures and ultimately, the human organism. Nothing can remain standing for long without a sound foundation…