Bacteria from your mouth may cause arterial plaque, says a study out of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Chronic infections can set the stage for atherosclerosis. The referenced article is a must read for cardiac patients and here is a simplified breakdown of the main points, plus how to solve the problem and what that looks like for your health!

Bacteria enters and/or lives in the mouth and two things happen:

1. Bacteria enters the bloodstream through the gums due to poor dental hygiene, aka poor brushing, no flossing.

2. Bacteria is swallowed and a battered intestinal wall allows bacteria to enter blood stream.

  • Intestinal wall is in bad shape due to poor food choices, or consuming foods that are not appropriate for a certain individual.
  • Your nutrition is poor due to lack of absorption in the small intestine due to damage.
  • Autoimmune condition is initiated as pathogens pervade wall of small intestine and are perceived as “invaders” by body.
  • Immune system in overdrive and incapable of focusing on real threats.
  • White blood cells, phagocytes, which should have digested the bacteria, instead become circulating immune complexes that set out and colonize throughout the body.
  • Bacteria that should have been annihilated by immune system, which is now tired and under-performing, lodge in arterial wall.
  • Body responds by putting a cholesterol bandage on it, or cholesterol sticks to bacteria on it’s way past.
  • Atherosclerosis.

So let’s do it in reverse.

You get up every day, brush your teeth and floss as often as you can make yourself. Go to the dentist for cleanings every six months, too.

You drink a glass of clean water with a fresh lemon squeezed in to alkalize yourself. Pathogens hate alkalized, oxygenated bodies.

You have gone through an elimination diet protocol, so you know exactly what you should be eating and you stick to it! You consume the best version of every food that you can, organic, raw, grassfed, whatever you can get.

You don’t eat sugars and junk at least 90-95% of the time (it’s OK to be a little bad when you’re really good most of the time).

You take deep breaths and keep as stress free as possible in these crazy times.

Your intestines are happy and healthy! A beautiful absorptive shag carpet of villi devour all the nutrition and send it off via the bloodstream to your organs.

Your immune system is so well rested that it can focus on killing any critters that make an appearance.

You take a proteolytic enzyme supplement on an empty stomach to munch up debris and circulating immune complexes that might be hanging around.

Your blood pressure is normal, your arteries are clear, your lungs are pink and healthy, your belly is functioning.

Your intestines, which create and store between 70-90% of your serotonin in their walls, are keeping your brain cheerful.

All in all, life is good. And it all started with you gut. If you need help around this, it’s simple. Define the problem, create a plan and follow it. Use my Elimination Diet Protocol to get started and see how good you feel in a month. In a year, when cellular regeneration has really turned your body around, you will quite literally be a new person!