AutoImmune Diseases Gone Wild

May is not only Celiac Awareness Month, but Lupus, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and ironically Food Allergy Awareness Month. Why, for the love of heaven, are we suffering SO much? What have we done to ourselves that our bodies see themselves as the enemy? If you are suffering with an autoimmune disease, I get it. I’ve lived with ulcerative colitis and it’s repercussions for more years than I care to recall.

The ultimate irony in the month of May awareness schedule is that food allergies are huge contributors to autoimmune conditions. As your body responds to the “allergen” or protein that it cannot tolerate, commonly you suffer damage to the villi, the lining of the intestine. When the villi are damaged, they can no longer act as the absorptive “carpet” that they once were. So now you have the double edged sword of food that is not completely digested, perhaps due to the body’s inability to digest a specific protein, coupled with damaged villi that allow these undigested hunks of protein straight into your bloodstream.

Your blood is not loving these hunks of undigested protein and has no idea that they are actually what is supposed to be the nutrition they should be delivering to our body. Instead, it sends out the troops, the immune system, to attack the invaders. Thus we have initiated an autoimmune response. There are other initiators, toxic body burden due to environmental exposure, heavy metal toxicity, even perhaps, dare I say it, a vaccine that was received. Vaccination does not follow the route of immunity to pathogens that the body normally deploys, thus can actually initiate an autoimmune response. From the holistic perspective, even certain over-reactive or sensitive personality types indicative of weak or imbalanced organ systems, can be contributory.

We know the contributing factors, in Part 2 we will discuss strategies for healing.

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