Spicy mulled coffee made on the stove is warming and delicious. We enjoy it in our home as something a little extra special with breakfast or after dinner. It’s super easy and fast and SO much better than whatever you’re usually making, no matter the brewing process.

And if you need more encouragement, you can read this study showing that long term coffee consumption may be associated with up to a 25% reduced risk of endometrial cancer. Or you can read about how the risk of depression is reduced by up to 20% with caffeinated coffee. Take a look at the EPIC study associating the consumption of more than 100 ml of caffeinated coffee or tea per day with significantly reduced risk of brain tumors known as gliomas.

For a hostess gift, you can make up the dry ingredients for this delicious brew and put it into a jar. Put a cute label on it, or package it in a plastic baggie and tie it up into one of those drawstring chiffon bags from the craft store. Put it together with a package of really good coffee beans, a couple of mugs, some crystals of sugar, and you have a beautiful gift!

Spicy Mulled Coffee

Star anise, one flower or star

Cinnamon stick

Pinch of cardamom

Freshly grated nutmeg

Few cloves

Raspadura or raw sugar to taste

Orange peels or grated rind

Put all of the ingredients in about 2 quarts of water in a pot on the stove. Add 4-5 heaping scoops of ground coffee. Adjust coffee to water ratio to what you typically use, although I find that this makes stronger flavored coffee. You can always pour more water in the pot if it tastes too strong for you. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer for about 10 minutes. Adjust flavor to suit your taste. You can either ladle the coffee out into cups or pour through a fine sieve into a tea or coffee pot or heat-safe pitcher to serve. I add cream or milk to mine.

The very first time I made it, I thought to myself, this is the elixir of sugar plum fairies, it tastes SO delicious!!!