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To be transformed is merely to incorporate small changes consistently over time.

– Cynthia Henrich

Comprehensive Functional Nutrition Intake Appointment

A comprehensive health review is undertaken for all new clients.

This consultation is offered as a standalone consultation or the first step prior to the commencement of an ongoing coaching relationship.

A typical session lasts at least 1.5 hours and includes:

  • a review of any pertinent labs and reports
  • a comprehensive history of overall health as well as the particular situation that brought you to me
  • a look back to preconception to establish an in-depth personal profile of your bio-individual patterns
  • a discussion of emotions and energies that impact your wellness
  • follow-up with a series of session notes specific to the topics we discussed
  • an evidence and research based protocol specific to your needs including dietary suggestions and supplement plan suggestions
  • access to my discounted Virtual Apothecary and other affiliated resources to support you in your journey
  • follow-up via email and text through implementation of your protocol
  • loving patient care to get you where you want to be

Cost: $250

Three Month Intensive Package

The Three Month Intensive Package includes the initial Comprehensive Intake Appointment as well as five follow-up 30 minute calls. The intensive nature of this series of sessions is designed to allow for in-depth support to help you to reach your goals in a dedicated time frame, and provide an environment of consistent reinforcement to create a strong foundation for you to move forward. Each session is followed up with emailed session notes and recommendations.

Cost: $575

Individual Follow-up Sessions

Individual Follow-up Sessions of 30 or 60 minutes are available after completing the Comprehensive Intake or Three Month Intensive Program. These focus on any new issues, support to get you back on track if life has taken over and derailed you, maintenance versions to support the initial protocol and lifetime plans to create your own home apothecary and tend to your wellness long term.

30 minute session: $75

60 minute session: $125